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Poetic Warriors: Vigilant in Prayer

Prayer is the cornerstone of an intimate relationship with God. You can attend every church service… Read the Bible cover to cover over and over… Preach the Gospel to all the most random strangers… Memorize and meditate on large quantities of Scripture night and day… Adhere to every applicable law in the Bible… And still … Continue reading

Poetic Warriors – Strong Leaders

Men are called to lead. That’s why you see that the Bible is full of patriarchies instead of matriarchies. The kings, generals, tribal leaders, and most of the prophets were males. They were fulfilling their calling to lead the people under them, including women and children. With great blessings come great responsibility, so when a … Continue reading

Poetic Warriors: True Strength

Hollywood has pretty much twisted masculinity beyond recognition. What used to define a man seems to have little influence in many Hollywood films today, and among those is a man’s strength. I don’t know how many of you have ever watched a movie where the male star rips off his shirt and displays his perfect … Continue reading

Poetic Warriors: Gentlemen of Purity

Society today has lost so much of the virtue it once held. Immodesty is rampant, marital unfaithfulness rates are about the same among pagans and Christians, and the age at which a person has sex is becoming lower and lower. The average man will have struggled with pornography at some point or another, many beginning … Continue reading

Poetic Warriors: Broken Throughout

In the modern age, God likes to show his power through various people and events. He takes the willing and humble and changes and molds them into what He wishes them to become. But how does He get them to the point they are? People like Billy Graham, Bill Gothard, Greg Laurie and various musicians, … Continue reading

Poetic Warriors: Humble Servants

When Jesus was on earth, he demonstrated many qualities that all men should use as their model. One of the most important was the character of humility. Jesus lived a humble life. Though He was the Son of God, He was born in a manger as the son of a mere carpenter. He spent 30 … Continue reading

Poetic Warriors: The Calling

Recently I have begun a study on Biblical manhood, and decided to share what I’ve learned with everyone as a series titled Poetic Warriors. It will focus on how one can fulfill his calling to be a man of God in bravery, virtue, and kindness. I will be writing as a peer, to challenge other guys … Continue reading