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I’m happy that you are willing to submit your feedback on my posts and reviews. However, I ask that all comments follow a certain protocol to ensure safe, unpolluted discussions.


… leave comments!

… give honest feedback. You aren’t obliged to agree with everything I say.

… leave a valid email address, and, if applicable, website. Otherwise please leave the ‘Website’ blank empty.


… randomly post a link to your blog (e.g. Check out my blog @…). I am not here to provide publicity for other peoples’ sites UNTIL I have read them myself.

… give comments that are off-topic unless they are a comment on the site in general.

… put other people/comments down. You MAY oppose beliefs with scriptural evidence, but please do so with the intention to share the truth and not to merely mock others.

With these simple rules in mind, please, comment to your satisfaction. Note that I moniter all comments, even if they are published before I see them.

Thank you for respecting my policy. =)