Posted in February 2011

A Perfect Potsherd – Part IV

Unbeknownst to me, the Potter had heard my cry. As I sat there crying out, He had already begun to put on His winter wear and prepare to come out and take me back in. The Master Potter endured the harsh cold and bitter wind blowing across the exposed areas of Hs body, striking Him … Continue reading

A Perfect Potsherd – Part III

The winter began with a drop in temperature. This sudden onset caused people to retreat into their homes to avoid the freezing cold. Then the rain came. How it poured! The storms caused everything to become drowned in water, making the dirt roads muddy and creating miniature ponds all over the city. I soon became … Continue reading

A Perfect Potsherd – Part II

I opened my eyes, and what I saw made me gasp in awe. People dressed in beautiful clothes milled around. I’ve only seen my Potter wearing his plain but practical work clothes. I could not believe there was so much variety in what people wear! Music played loud and clear, with minstrels singing to and … Continue reading

A Perfect Potsherd – Part I

My story takes place several years ago. I am not proud of the events that occured, but all I say is for the glory of my Maker. I was created beautifully and perfectly a while back. I was made a very special vase, with a smooth brownish-tan shade as my base. Swirling patterns of many … Continue reading

Walk the Talk and Talk the Walk Too

NOTE: You may have read my previous article, Walk the Talk and Talk the Walk, a couple of days ago. Well, since then I’ve had a few more thoughts on profanity that I’d like to share with you all. Riddle me this: where can people socialize, have fun, connect with other people, and read massive … Continue reading

Soulprint – Mark Batterson

Every person has a destiny. A reason why they are on the earth.  A mission they need to accomplish. According to Mark Batterson, that destiny is called your Soulprint. In Soulprint, Batterson argues that everyone has a unique destiny, one as unique as their fingerprints. This destiny can only be fulfilled by you, and that’s … Continue reading

Perspectives on Suffering

Suffering is mostly a matter of perspective, wouldn’t you agree? In other words, if you perceive that you are suffering from something, then most likely you ARE going to suffer from it, even when you currently aren’t. And the strength of that suffering would also be a matter of perspective. An easy example would be … Continue reading

Do Hard Things: Alex & Brett Harris

Do Hard Things is an excellent book written by teens for teens. Authors Alex & Brett Harris are the younger brothers of  of best-selling author Joshua Harris (I Kissed Dating Goodbye; Boy Meets Girl) They began The Rebelution, a simple blog which has since then become a world-wide organization, at the age of 16. So … Continue reading

Walk the Talk and Talk the Walk

Let’s be honest with ourselves. Most of us have struggled with profanity in some way or other, and in today’s culture, that’s hardly surprising. I really can’t believe the amount of profanity people use today, especially among teenagers. For some strange reason being able to “tell someone off” or using profanity in almost every single … Continue reading