Posted in November 2010

Watch and Pray

Recently I have learned some very interesting facts concerning Temptation. I was having difficulty in a particular area of my life and had temporary success, but soon fell back into the habit once again. Strange that when I picked up my devotional, it was about temptation and how one should deal with it. “Watch and … Continue reading

In Everything Give Thanks

During Thanksgiving, it is tradition to go around the table and say something we’re thankful for. Common responses include family, friends, a job, a school, a degree, passing exams, and a time to relax with the people you love. All great responses, but did you notice that they all have something in common? Something positive … Continue reading

Jesus is in my Backpack!

Let’s face it: taking Christ to school isn’t very easy sometimes. Even though I attend a Christian private school, the atmosphere isn’t all that different from public schools. There is still the persecution (at a very water-downed level) and the inappropriate speech. I’ve asked myself more than once a week: How do I take Christ … Continue reading

Halley’s Bible Handbook – Henry H. Halley

Reading the Bible is an awesome thing to do, but sometimes it can get boring and habitual. That’s where some Bible handbooks and illustrated guides come in. These books can spice up your reading, providing you with interesting Bible trivia, facts, and pictures. Actually see Bible-era artifacts and locations. One of the best resources I … Continue reading

Journaling: Tying it All Up

So… I hope you’ve been keeping up with this series. I scheduled in in a way that if you were faithfully journaling each technique, you will hopefully have now developed a consistent journaling schedule. If not, feel free to go back and redo the series from where you need to start.* ^_^ I always feel … Continue reading

Come Back Home

The day I was born, I didn’t understand. What I was getting into, Inside this strange land. I grew up to the age, Where I noticed other people, Ignoring only the One Who was garbed in royal purple. I walked away Both Far and wide Neglecting my God With sin by my side But one … Continue reading

Journaling: Persevering

One of the hardest parts of journaling is keeping up with your writing. I myself sometimes stop writing for a few days, other times I just can’t stop writing. Here are some tips to ensure habitual writing: You don’t need to write every day; one or twice a week is enough. Keep yourself accountable by … Continue reading

The Wild Side of Creation

I really love going to the zoo. It’s a great chance to check out the many animals God has created and see how unique each one is. I got some pretty nice pics from my last trip, and would like to share them with you all. I took these pictures at Wild Animal Park in … Continue reading

Journaling: Bible Study

One of my favorite parts about journaling is the fact that I can do my Bible studies in my entries, and keep a record of my personal scripture insights. Different people study the Bible differently, but here are some examples: Verse study Chapter study Passage study Book study Topical study Word study Whatever method you … Continue reading