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A Perfect Potsherd – Part V

“These are for you,” He said, “Because I love you and want you to know the best I have for you. Everything you did in the past is the past, and let this remind you of how much I will always love you, no matter what.” One by one, He attached them to my body, … Continue reading

A Perfect Potsherd – Part IV

Unbeknownst to me, the Potter had heard my cry. As I sat there crying out, He had already begun to put on His winter wear and prepare to come out and take me back in. The Master Potter endured the harsh cold and bitter wind blowing across the exposed areas of Hs body, striking Him … Continue reading

A Perfect Potsherd – Part III

The winter began with a drop in temperature. This sudden onset caused people to retreat into their homes to avoid the freezing cold. Then the rain came. How it poured! The storms caused everything to become drowned in water, making the dirt roads muddy and creating miniature ponds all over the city. I soon became … Continue reading

A Perfect Potsherd – Part II

I opened my eyes, and what I saw made me gasp in awe. People dressed in beautiful clothes milled around. I’ve only seen my Potter wearing his plain but practical work clothes. I could not believe there was so much variety in what people wear! Music played loud and clear, with minstrels singing to and … Continue reading

A Perfect Potsherd – Part I

My story takes place several years ago. I am not proud of the events that occured, but all I say is for the glory of my Maker. I was created beautifully and perfectly a while back. I was made a very special vase, with a smooth brownish-tan shade as my base. Swirling patterns of many … Continue reading

The Cross

Tears glistened in Vera’s eyes as she fingered a little cross hanging from her neck. The cross was made of pure sterling silver, and reflected the light shining from the stained-glass window. It was one of her most prized possessions, and for a good reason. Vera had just been baptized, and was still kneeling before … Continue reading

The Old Lifestyle – Part III

Oki stared at the pieces in silence. The truth slowly seeped into her mind, and nothing but the sudden realization occupied her thoughts. She did not hear Zebu yelling for her to go away, and his efforts to remove her from the scene were in vain. Finally, she turned around. Tears ran in streams down … Continue reading

The Old Lifestyle – Part II

Soon after their marriage, Zebu and Oki were the proud parents of many little piranhas. gladly went out to hunt every day to bring back good food for his spawn. Oki spent her days taking the piranhas to visit with her friends and their little piranhas. They could not be happier. Then one day, everything … Continue reading

The Old Lifestyle – Part I

In a river deep in the Amazon forest there lived a large school of piranha. It was common among the male piranhas to fight for a mate or kill weaker piranhas to eat, as many craved the flesh of their own species. It was a gruesome lifestyle followed by many of the males, and Zebu … Continue reading

Recycled for Better Good – Part III

Like the end of every personal conversation, there was silence. One guy couldn’t stand it. “Hey, ya’ll know about sports after church? You can hitch a ride with us; we’re going to start preparing. First, we need to throw these plates away…” his voice trailed off. I moved with the group to the trash can. … Continue reading