Posted in December 2010

To Save a Life

To Save a Life is a beautiful, heart-touching movie about the reality of high-school life. Jocks, cheerleaders, fashion, dating, sex, clubs, parties, depression, drugs… you name it, they have it. The story is about a basketball jock who misses a chance to lead his ex-best friend to Christ, and wonders… what would he do if … Continue reading

Generation EX-Christian – Drew Dyck

Hundreds, if not thousands, of Christians are running (not walking!) away from their faith each year. They leave for many different reasons, based on their experiences with God and other believers. What are these reasons, and what can we do to lead them back? In Generation EX-Christian, Drew Dyck analyzes people who leave the faith … Continue reading

When I Survey the Heavens…

David has written several Psalms that praise God and His Creation, and what strikes me about these verses is that David lived in a time where electric lights did not exist. Candles and lamps were the only source of light at night. But even with the whole town lit up with flaming candles and lamps, … Continue reading

Standing Against the Flow

Have you ever had those times where you try so hard to fit in, but with no success? You tried everything you could, been all you could be, acted all you can act, said all you can say, but you just can’t fit in with that particular group you so want to be with. I … Continue reading

Then Sings My Soul – Robert J. Morgan

Christmas is coming, and with this joyful season comes joyful caroling. It is a time when old hymns are sung probably more frequently than other seasons and months. But what makes these songs so popular? How did they come about? Not many know the history behind traditional hymns such as “O Come, All Ye Faithful”, … Continue reading

The Power of Names

Names hold a lot of power in our lives. I’m sure you’ve seen people with names that for some reason match their personalities. These are pretty obvious, like Sophia (wisdom), Charity (love), and Joyce (joy). Others may not be so easy to identify, but nevertheless, our names hold a certain degree of power over our … Continue reading

The Old Lifestyle – Part III

Oki stared at the pieces in silence. The truth slowly seeped into her mind, and nothing but the sudden realization occupied her thoughts. She did not hear Zebu yelling for her to go away, and his efforts to remove her from the scene were in vain. Finally, she turned around. Tears ran in streams down … Continue reading

The Old Lifestyle – Part II

Soon after their marriage, Zebu and Oki were the proud parents of many little piranhas. gladly went out to hunt every day to bring back good food for his spawn. Oki spent her days taking the piranhas to visit with her friends and their little piranhas. They could not be happier. Then one day, everything … Continue reading

The Old Lifestyle – Part I

In a river deep in the Amazon forest there lived a large school of piranha. It was common among the male piranhas to fight for a mate or kill weaker piranhas to eat, as many craved the flesh of their own species. It was a gruesome lifestyle followed by many of the males, and Zebu … Continue reading