Posted in September 2010


The majority of my music library comprises of Contemporary Christian Music (CCM), mostly well-known artists like Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman, and Rebecca St. James, but when I came across Nate Oyloe’s debut album, I knew it would be a great asset to my collection. Nate is a great man of God with a powerful testimony … Continue reading

Journaling: Questions

It’s always a good idea to ask questions. It exercises your curiosity and helps expand your knowledge. Asking questions about life, God, and His Word is a VERY good idea. By asking questions you can see a better picture of God and gain more insight from the scriptures. Questions I often like to ask God … Continue reading

Our Only Defense

While studying Proverbs one morning, one verse really stuck out to me. “Like a city whose walls are broken down is a man who lacks self-control.” -Proverbs 25:28 As Christians, our heart is protected with a wall of God’s Word. The more scripture and truths we know, the higher and stronger the wall. As we … Continue reading

Journaling: Freewriting

The easiest way to ease into a flow of writing is to free write. Relax and delve into your mind and whatever comes to your mind, write it down. Don’t worry if it’s something completely wacky or random. This is an exercise to free up your mind so you can think clearly.Do this for about … Continue reading

Journaling: Prayer

A good way to begin your journaling journey is to write to God. Tell Him what you wish to achieve in your journal. What goals you want to accomplish in life. What desires you have. What questions you want answered. Talk to God as you would if you spoke it. But talk to Him. This … Continue reading

Journaling: Getting Started

So, you’re interested in journaling, but don’t know where to begin. Don’t worry! I felt the same way when I started writing in mine. It took a while getting used to writing down how I felt, but once I did, I never regretted it. 😛 #1 The Journal The journal you write in can have, … Continue reading

Why Can’t You See?

I don’t understand why you can’t see, Through the snow and rain at me I’m standing here, so close and real Why can’t you touch, why can’t you feel? Through winter’s gaze and through its air I’ll still show that I do care But if you can’t see nor feel I, Then I must say … Continue reading

Journaling: Background

Most people who know me well enough can tell you how big I am on journaling. It’s my favorite hobby.If you get me on the topic, I would talk on and on and on and… you get the idea. 😛 For the next series, I will be talking about journaling and your walk with God. … Continue reading