Poetic Warriors: Humble Servants

When Jesus was on earth, he demonstrated many qualities that all men should use as their model. One of the most important was the character of humility. Jesus lived a humble life. Though He was the Son of God, He was born in a manger as the son of a mere carpenter. He spent 30 years of His life doing woodwork before he set forth to accomplish His mission on earth. Even then, He talked to the poor, healed the sick, and washed His disciples’ feet.

How more humble can you get? The Creator of the universe, the One who put everything in its place, kneeling in front of His students, washing their feet like a servant boy. He loves us so much, He served all sinners by dying on the cross and taking their punishment on His own body.

Men are called to serve.They are callled to be leaders, and leaders serve the people they lead. A father serves his children by raising them. Soldiers serve in the military to help their country. Pastors serve their congregation by sharing the Word of God.

However, today many men are absorbed into the trend of selfishness and laziness. Husband leave their wife and children. Leaders use their status for personal gain. Pastors engage in immoral activities. What has happened to our world? Pride has corrupted so many men; brought them to their fall. Public scandals are announced on TV and in newspapers and all over the Internet. Men are seeking only what they can gain… not what they can give.

So what about you? Will you humble yourslf before the Lord? God cannot use the proud. He cannot work through a hardened vessel. Either you humble yourself now, or God does it for you. And when God humbles you, he really humbles you.

Ask the Lord for help in avoiding pride. Have Him give you a spirit of humility. Pour out your sins and heart to Him, and ask that you become His servant. Without humility, it is impossible to serve and please the Lord. Pride is placing yourself in God’s position, to say that you did whatever you did yourself and thinking that you are in charge of your life.

Look at what happened to Satan. He thought he was better than God, and as a result, his pride became his downfall.

Don’t let it be yours.



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