Posted in August 2011

Radical Together – David Platt

I’ve never read Radical, David Platt’s bestselling prequel to Radical Together. However, I’m going to get a copy as soon as possible. In Radical Together, Platt encourages his readers to forget the American Dream and other useless pursuits and to embrace a passion for spreading the Gospel all over the world through unity among believers, … Continue reading

Hot & Cold – Righteous & Wicked

I have been studying the book of Proverbs for the last few weeks, following the ever-popular reading plan of one chapter a day, with the chapter number corresponding with the day of the month. I’ve been richly blessed by all the wisdom I’ve gleaned from the verses, however a reoccuring theme struck me with tremendous … Continue reading

Count Your Blessings… Seriously

It’s funny how we hear all these truths from the Bible, in church, in songs, and even day-to-day conversations, and completely forget or become desensitized to them. I want to point out one in particular, one that is very very important yet very very often forgotten: that is, thankfulness. Not surprisingly, I was reminded of … Continue reading