Posted in July 2010

Clean or Unclean?

Please read Acts 10 before you read this post. 🙂 In verses 9-16, we read about Peter as he observes a blanket filled with ‘unclean’ beasts and birds. The Lord told him to get up, kill the animals, and eat. Peter, being raised in the Jewish faith, was shocked. He refused to eat the ‘unclean … Continue reading

Recycled for Better Good – Part III

Like the end of every personal conversation, there was silence. One guy couldn’t stand it. “Hey, ya’ll know about sports after church? You can hitch a ride with us; we’re going to start preparing. First, we need to throw these plates away…” his voice trailed off. I moved with the group to the trash can. … Continue reading

Recycled for Better Good – Part II

All of a sudden, the group of guys I saw surrounded me. I didn’t know what to say, much less act. The guy who saw me earlier spoke first, “Hi! My name’s Jordan. What’s yours?” He was surprised when I revealed that I had the same name! The rest of the group introduced themselves. Just … Continue reading

Recycled for Better Good – Part I

I walked slowly down the hallway. Everyone was happily chatting with each other. They had mentioned during some announcements that snacks are available at the back counter. Having nothing better to do, I wandered over and picked up one of the bowls of Cheez-Its. The servers had not noticed me. I remembered what McKenzie, my … Continue reading