Posted in August 2012

The Pain that Rivaled the Love

I emailed my mentor recently about my lack of fear of God and respect for His Word, as well as not having a strong hatred of sin. He recommended a book called The Enemy Within: Straight Talk About the Power and Defeat of Sin (ebook here), and I began reading it as I waited at … Continue reading

I Love You Bro (No Homo!)

One of the greatest tragedies I see today is the absence of candid, loving relationships between guys. If you’re a guy, I’m pretty sure you cringed, raised your eyebrows, or became a bit confused or taken aback, because I certainly winced when I wrote the words out. The sad reality is that in the past … Continue reading

No Time to Prepare During Battle

A soldier trains before he enters battle. He makes sure he is physically fit, capable of using his weapons well, and tweaks his instincts and resolve. After all, if he decides to train during battle, he’ll likely be slaughtered before he can even guess at how he can begin fighting. As Christians, we also need … Continue reading

FREE ESV Bible – Kindle

Hey everyone! If you have a Kindle, or any e-book reader/app/program that can display Kindle e-books, be sure to take advantage of the free ESV e-Bible. It’s available for download from I don’t know how long this will last, but get it soon and you won’t have to worry about that 🙂 Click here … Continue reading

Collage Bookmarks

I make my own collage bookmarks, and often people will ask me how I make them. Therefore, I am making a guide to show you, and them, how. 🙂 I usually make my bookmarks with some sort of verse, picture, or any inspiring piece so that I am reminded of it while reading a book. … Continue reading

Just Checking Up on You

We all experience periods of spiritual depression, and I’m sure many would agree that during those times, we wish someone would ask us how we’re doing. We don’t feel like talking to anyone, maybe because we feel unworthy, that we will be wasting people’s time, that we already know how to get out of the … Continue reading

Lessons from the Desert

As my past two posts dictate, I experienced a dry spell for the past two weeks or so. It was my fault, since if I had been faithful in reading God’s word and praying, I doubt that the dry spell would have been such a struggle. However, it has taught me several things and (I … Continue reading

Random Thoughts

Seems like I’m being hit with a lot of hard topics recently. My mind can barely handle all these random thoughts, much less try to find an answer to them. I have a lot of dreams. Lots of ideas of what I want to do with my life. I want to write an epic horror … Continue reading

Gay “Rights”: Not Us vs. Them but God vs. Sin (God Wins)

The recent Chick-fil-A debate, and the Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day yesterday, has me thinking about how we Christians are supposed to respond to accusations of us being “bigots” and being “intolerant.” In a very pointed article, Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day: A Bold Mistake, Barnabas Piper notes: Homosexuality is one of the most defining, contentious, and complex issues … Continue reading