Copyright Policy

All reviews and posts here on Sekel are written by me unless stated otherwise. It will be very rare for me to post large excerpts that are not my own; if I use other sources, I will cite them and only use them in small quotes.

Therefore I reserve all rights in the duplication and distribution of my writings. You are free to share what I write unless…

  • You are copying my writing for malicious intents in ways such as but not limited to mockery, negative criticism, or anything that goes against me as a person.
  • You seek to take credit for what I have written.
  • You seek to gain financial and/or social profit from what I have written.

Please understand that I routinely sweep the web for any plagiarism, and that I know my writing style even if it has been paraphrased beyond common recognition.

On another note, everything I write I write for the Lord. I dedicate every one of my posts to Him. Therefore, I am enforcing this policy so that people do not corrupt what He said. Stealing is not against me, but against God. I am just doing what I can to keep the testimony of the Lord pure and uncorrupted.

To be safe, please cite me whenever possible:

(Kyle Cheng : Sekel :

It would also be great if you can ask me for copying rights in either an email or comment. Please see my Contact Me page for my information.

Thank you for respecting my copyright. =)