Posted in January 2011

Nelson’s Biblical Cyclopedic Index

Whenever I write about a specific subject for an article, it gets difficult sometimes to look up a multitude of verses on that topic. Google, BibleGateway, all the resources available… a topical index for the Bible would really simplify my writing career. I was elated when I first requested a review copy of Nelson’s Biblical Cyclopedic … Continue reading

The Exodus: From Slavery into Sonship

Ever since I heard Sarah’s testimony for the first time, I have been awed by the extent of God’s love. This book details Sarah’s journey from devil-worshipper, gangbanger, and lesbian into a Princess of God through whom God ministered to thousands. She also has a set of messages available for purchase. Click on the image … Continue reading

The Cross

Tears glistened in Vera’s eyes as she fingered a little cross hanging from her neck. The cross was made of pure sterling silver, and reflected the light shining from the stained-glass window. It was one of her most prized possessions, and for a good reason. Vera had just been baptized, and was still kneeling before … Continue reading

In the Throne Room of God

Imagine being inside a giant palace of gold that is filled with the most exotic and ornate decorations. You enter through a huge pair of doors onto a long, velvet-colored carpet. As your eyes follow its length, you look up at an elegant throne. On it sits the Creator and Ruler of all, Jesus. All … Continue reading

Confident in Him

I’ll admit it: even within the body of Christ, the attractive and confident brothers and sisters often catch my eye. They seem to have it all together: great education or job, the looks, the good taste… Their confidence is so firm, I usually fall into the trap of thinking that their confidence comes from their … Continue reading

Sola Scriptura – Edited by Don Kistler

Two major groups argue that they are the right Christian faith: The Roman Catholic Church and the Protestants. Ever since the 16th century when Martin Luther moved away from the powerful Church to begin the Protestants, there have been hundreds, if not thousands, of debates over which faith is in the right and is the … Continue reading

What Being a Virgin Really Means

In today’s society, one of the most horrifying endeavors is to “get laid”. Many guys treat this experience as a stepping stone to becoming a man; you are smooth with the girls and am popular enough to sleep with one. Girls see this as an estimate of their value: the better the guy, the more … Continue reading