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Come Back Home

The day I was born, I didn’t understand. What I was getting into, Inside this strange land. I grew up to the age, Where I noticed other people, Ignoring only the One Who was garbed in royal purple. I walked away Both Far and wide Neglecting my God With sin by my side But one … Continue reading

As I Grow

As my attitude Changes like fall-endorsed leaves From green to yellow; As my self-esteem Dries up like summer-burned grass Once touched by the rays; As my purity Dissolves like the spring-licked snow When broke by the shoots; As my own conscience Turns cold like snow-buffered air While flakes fall and glide; I feel so alone— … Continue reading

Why Can’t You See?

I don’t understand why you can’t see, Through the snow and rain at me I’m standing here, so close and real Why can’t you touch, why can’t you feel? Through winter’s gaze and through its air I’ll still show that I do care But if you can’t see nor feel I, Then I must say … Continue reading