Posted in May 2011

Lost in [True] Worship

I attend the youth ministry at my church, and like many youth groups, we play contemporary Christian music. I notice that these songs can often be much more stirring to sing than the old hymns, and more heartfelt at times. One big problem, however, occurs when we sing new songs or get too focused on … Continue reading

Sacrificing for the Better Things

The Christian life is one of sacrifices. Not sacrifices that will harm us, but sacrifices that will help us grow, develop, and mature as believers. We are called to leave everything behind and to follow Christ. This is not to be taken extremely literally, but it is to be followed to a reasonable extent. “But … Continue reading

Apparent Apparel

Like many people, I’ve gone through a “clothes craze phase”. I visited a bunch of thrift stores and bought just about everything I thought looked good. As always when you become crazy with something, you notice other peoples’ paraphernalia as well, in this case, clothes. One really weird thing I noticed is this: if a … Continue reading