Poetic Warriors: Broken Throughout

In the modern age, God likes to show his power through various people and events. He takes the willing and humble and changes and molds them into what He wishes them to become. But how does He get them to the point they are? People like Billy Graham, Bill Gothard, Greg Laurie and various musicians, bands, and actors proclaim God’s message, yet many come from very simple and humble backgrounds.

What does God look for in a person when He selects people to do His work? His major concern isn’t whether or not you’re rich and famous and read the Bible everyday. He looks for those who humble themselves daily before the throne of God and say “Lord, let your will be done in my life. Break me of anything that stands in the way of serving You the way You want me too.” He seeks the broken, the ones who know they can’t do anything without God. Those who cannot even crawl forward without the Lord to help and guide them. As I said before, God often selects those who come from humble backgrounds. They may come from poor families, or broken ones. Maybe the person’s parents had divorced. Maybe they lost a loved one. These people become more sensitive to God’s power, love, and grace. It sounds cliché, but it takes on a stronger meaning once you find yourself in need of Jesus; when your faith is all you have left to hold on to.

God calls for the broken. He cannot work through hardened clay. He needs clay that is soft and easy to mold; clay that is willing to be broken and be remade into whatever the Potter wants it to become — no matter how or when.

Are you that clay?


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