Poetic Warriors: Gentlemen of Purity

Society today has lost so much of the virtue it once held. Immodesty is rampant, marital unfaithfulness rates are about the same among pagans and Christians, and the age at which a person has sex is becoming lower and lower. The average man will have struggled with pornography at some point or another, many beginning their addiction from their youth. Of course, the Internet doesn’t make things any easier. Pornography is easily accessible from almost anywhere, and anonymity on the Web is a huge contributor to this tragedy.

Pornography, in a nutshell, degrades people to mere objects. Only their body is what matters to the viewer. The sad thing is that viewers forget that they ARE people. Like you, they experience emotions, they have family, and they have a life. They were born, they were raised, and they have a job… just the wrong kind of job.

Have you ever thought: Why did these young women you see in these videos take the job they did? Where are their friends and their family? Do they ever live a normal life? What if one of the women were your sister, mother, friend, wife, or daughter? Would you still watch these videos with this truth haunting you?

Chances are, you didn’t. You sat in front of the screen and clicked away at the videos and pictures, consuming every one with desire. And the sad thing is: you are never satisfied. You have to go back for more. And unbeknownst to you, you begin viewing women with less and less respect. You no longer treat them with the love that you should. Sure, you may be a gentleman on the outside, but what’s in your mind? Do you see your sisters in Christ as princesses and daughters of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords? The women so dear to Christ that He shed His blood to save them?

Think about your perspective towards pornography and women. Are you a gentleman of purity, or an immoral thief, viewing what you have no right to see?

“I made a covenant with my eyes not to look lustfully at a young woman.”

– Job 31:1

Now is the time for you to decide. Will you give up your immoral habits and follow the path of purity?


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