Poetic Warriors – Strong Leaders

Men are called to lead. That’s why you see that the Bible is full of patriarchies instead of matriarchies. The kings, generals, tribal leaders, and most of the prophets were males. They were fulfilling their calling to lead the people under them, including women and children.

With great blessings come great responsibility, so when a man is given the privilege to lead, he must not abuse his authority. He must lead to his full potential, and in some cases beyond. The people under him depend on him for making the right decisions and wise choices, so he must work to gain their trust. In times of trouble he has to keep everything in order until a possible solution is available. When conflicts arise, he must be fair and unbiased to either side.

A leader also gives of himslef for the good of all. In history there have been multiple cases of monarchs and other authorative figures milking money, provisions, and labor from the people. This is for their own selfish gain and is outright abuse of their leadership. However other monarchs have taken money from the people and divided it evenly so that the poor could live somewhat better. They worked to organize society so that people had a clearly defined status and suppressed any rebellions that would potentially harm the people as a whole. Other leaders would sacrifice time and sleep just so that the people could sleep at ease, knowing that any plans would be taken care of and everything will turn out right.

Many leaders were not good people in themselves. Some were gluttonous or drunkards, others shrill with their finances. But they all possessed certain qualities that enabled them to lead with the effect they did. These include diligence, resourcefulness, dependability, and justice, and are crucial in developing strong leadership.

Leadership starts with the ability to control oneself. One must be diligent, resourceful, dependable, and just. All it takes is application of these charcteristics every day to develop lasting qualities in your life. Be diligent with your work. Make good use of your finances and time. Be someone people can depend on and trust. Be fair when you make decisions and do not tolerate wrongdoing. In doing this, you will set yourself on the path to becomeing a leader.

A leader God wants you to be.


3 thoughts on “Poetic Warriors – Strong Leaders

  1. I’ve enjoyed these posts. The leader you’ve been describing is Christ 🙂 And he’s a perfect example for all of us to follow. Men for leadership, women for submission. Thanks for taking the time to write these, they are excellent.

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