Posted in June 2011

The Fellowship of the Holy Spirit – Part 1

I’ve attended many, many conferences over the last few years. I’m thankful for the opportunities to mingle with believers of all denominations (or none) and of all backgrounds and walks of life. What strikes me throughout these events, however, is how close our Christian beliefs — especially in the same God — can bring everyone … Continue reading

The Power of Christian Blogs

I’ve had the awesome opportunity to read some peoples’ blogs and posts, and have been greatly encouraged by what they wrote. One hard thing about blogging is that to be truly effective in delivering whatever you learned from God to your audience, you must be sensitive to who your audience is. You must be wary … Continue reading

Clothes Do NOT Make the Man

Recently I was at a market, shopping for anything that caught my eye. I found myself drawn to a lot of clothing styles I’ve always admired but never worn. After an hour or two, I walked out of the stores with new clothes and an elated spirit. Only to have my spirit crushed ¬†when I … Continue reading