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Lessons from the Desert

As my past two posts dictate, I experienced a dry spell for the past two weeks or so. It was my fault, since if I had been faithful in reading God’s word and praying, I doubt that the dry spell would have been such a struggle. However, it has taught me several things and (I … Continue reading

Waiting on God’s Timing

I’m the kind of a person where when I want to get something done, I want to be at the helm, where the actual action takes place. I get antsy if I have to sit at the sidelines and watch. I get frustrated if I’m forced into the sidelines. That’s how I feel right now … Continue reading

Cast All Your Anxiety on Him

Recently I’ve been really challenged in my faith, as in how will I respond in different situations. I’ve been raised conservatively. My church is very intentional with building a biblical foundation for life, and also for its members to be Gospel-centered. On top of that, my spiritual gift seems to never lack in convictions. It’s … Continue reading

Thou Shall Not… Pirate?

A popular trend among many people, especially teens and preteens, today is the illegal download of games, movies, music, software, ebooks, et cetera. Somehow this issue is overlooked and rarely discussed, except for general statistics and when people are caught and their arrest becomes material for the media. “Pirating” is a pretty common practice nowadays. … Continue reading

Roller Coaster Christian

One of my biggest failures as a Christian, and sometimes as a person in general, is my inconsistency. I live double lives at the same time. When I’m not careful, one life overtakes the other, and I’m left feeling confused about my actions. For example, I could be talking about being a blessing to someone … Continue reading

Christian for a Weekend

If there’s one spiritual felony for which I would be constantly convicted, it would be for being a lukewarm Christian for most of the week and becoming a relatively passionate believer during the weekend. This is a problem because it shows that I am a believer who lives on the ‘mountaintop.’ The term ‘mountaintop’ includes … Continue reading


You can consider this article as part II of my previous post, “Secure in the Everlasting Arms” God has already promised eternal security to those who have faith in Him and love Him. However, we must be willing to accept that security and let God have His way. Too often I find myself not going … Continue reading

Secure in the Everlasting Arms

Every human desires security. We want to make sure that we will always be safe, never go bankrupt, and always have family and friends by our side, no matter what happens. We desire security because of the way we have been designed. God ingrained in our minds a sense of helplessness. We need our Creator, … Continue reading


In the past few weeks, I’ve been dealing with a number of issues in my life. They concern, however, topics that I rarely discuss with people. These issues bombard my mind, and I find myself almost driven to tears over them. A result of this struggle is constant loneliness. Sure, I feel good when I’m … Continue reading