Poetic Warriors: The Calling

Recently I have begun a study on Biblical manhood, and decided to share what I’ve learned with everyone as a series titled Poetic Warriors. It will focus on how one can fulfill his calling to be a man of God in bravery, virtue, and kindness. I will be writing as a peer, to challenge other guys to take up their cross and follow Christ as I do that in my own life. I am definitely no expert, but what I learned and what helps me will be incorporated into this series so I can share them with everyone else.

I really like Eric Ludy’s definition of a Poet Warrior:

1. We must learn to be a warrior. More than just a defender of justice and champion for the weak, a true warrior is a heroic protector of the covenant Life within his being. As an outflow of the covenant life, a warrior is trained to protect that which is sacred and innocent within a woman.

2. We must learn to be a poet. More than a bearer of roses, rings, and rhymes, a true poet cultivates an intimacy with Christ; and as an outflow of that intimacy, he is trained to understand and appreciate the intimate sanctuary of a woman’s heart.

Ludy, Eric. God’s Gift to Women. Sisters, Chicago: Multnomah Publishers, 2003. (pg. 118)

For the next few weeks we will concentrate on masculine virtues, those that reflect a warrior’s ferocity and strength, but also a poet’s gentleness and kindness. I hope you can take what I’ve learned and reproduced and apply it into your life, so that the next generation of men will arise to the Lord’s service and calling.

In Christ,



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