Posted in October 2010

Journaling: Healing

As I am not a psychologist nor have much experience in dealing with bad memories, I am unqualified to talk about journaling for healing. However, I have developed my own way of recovering from these memories. I ask myself questions, look up scriptures to answer my questions, and squeeze away lies and discouraging/depressing thoughts with … Continue reading

Halloween: Trick or Treat?

I’m sure we are all aware of the recent preparations all over the country for one of the three most popular holidays in the United States: Halloween. Yup, that means little kids dressing up from ballerinas in tutu’s to Dracula with a large black-and-red cape. Then they drag their parents down their neighborhood, stopping at … Continue reading

Journaling: Struggles

Journaling your struggles provides you with a record of your progress in specific areas. Often you may feel discouraged about not succeeding in your fight against temptation, but if you write down the times when you experienced success, it can help release you from constant frustration. Let’s say you struggle with your temper. You are … Continue reading

The Modesty Survey

One of the best resources I’ve found for sisters on the subject of modesty is The Modesty Survey taken by The Rebelution. I strongly encourage guys and girls alike to read through the survey and maybe even sign the petition (guys only). Please click on the button below to view the Survey.

Journaling: Goals

Journaling provides opportunities for you to set goals… and later review whether if it is completed or well on its way. It’s amazing when I look back in my journals and see all the goals I had throughout the years. Even more amazing is the fact that all the goals according to God’s plans for … Continue reading

Basis for Faith

Having been a real believer for 3 years and grown up in church my whole life, it’s not hard for me to fall into certain traps. As I mature in my faith and gain deeper understanding of God’s Word and His plans for my life, I often forget the basis for why I believe what … Continue reading

Journaling: Response to Reading

When I read a book concerning my spiritual growth, I like to have my journal open for me to take notes. After encountering a subject or topic that really sticks out to me, I stop and take time to think through what I have read and learned. It proves helpful in documenting my spiritual education … Continue reading

As I Grow

As my attitude Changes like fall-endorsed leaves From green to yellow; As my self-esteem Dries up like summer-burned grass Once touched by the rays; As my purity Dissolves like the spring-licked snow When broke by the shoots; As my own conscience Turns cold like snow-buffered air While flakes fall and glide; I feel so alone— … Continue reading

Journaling: Memories

Journaling is all about recording. Whether thoughts or events, you are writing it all down on paper. Thus, your journal is a collection of memories. While recording my everyday thoughts and events, I sometimes like to dig years back and recall some of my favorite memories. When a particular stimulus causes me to remember something, … Continue reading