Posted in April 2012

Heed the Gentle Whisper

The Lord is harsh with me. Maybe even brutal. It’s my fault, really. I could have listened to what He said earlier. I could have heeded His nudges and convictions. But no, I had to wait for Him to literally drop an anvil on my head and crush me into noticing Him again. Looking back, … Continue reading

Preaching the Gospel to Your Christian Friends

As believers, I’m sure most of us have been taught that we should preach the gospel to unbelievers, especially those close to us. Some of us have learned that preaching the Gospel to ourselves is an extremely helpful and healthy habit. However, what about our believing friends? Don’t they need the Gospel too? Here is … Continue reading


In the past few weeks, I’ve been dealing with a number of issues in my life. They concern, however, topics that I rarely discuss with people. These issues bombard my mind, and I find myself almost driven to tears over them. A result of this struggle is constant loneliness. Sure, I feel good when I’m … Continue reading