Come Back Home

The day I was born,

I didn’t understand.

What I was getting into,

Inside this strange land.

I grew up to the age,

Where I noticed other people,

Ignoring only the One

Who was garbed in royal purple.

I walked away

Both Far and wide

Neglecting my God

With sin by my side

But one day I broke down,

Just couldn’t go on.

I could not finish

My perfect life song

A hand touched me

And I whirled around

There one stood beckoning

That I not make a sound.

He led me up the sky,

To the bright clouds above.

The gates made of polished gold

All beholding His love.

I stepped on the shining road

And looked down the path.

I saw the courthouse where

I would experience God’s wrath.

But instead of anger or sadness,

I felt His love and grace

Pulsing though my soul

At an overwhelming pace.

He said, “My child, I love you so

I sent my Son to die for you

For you thou thyself

And all others too.

My injured heart ached,

From the time when you left,

And traveled on wrong,

Your sins were quite heft.

Come back, come back,

To your true home right here—

Where happiness with Me

Exists always without fear.”


4 thoughts on “Come Back Home

  1. Hey! Thanks for the comment on my blog post, I appreciate it. And this poem is amazing, I love it. Keep blogging for His glory! 🙂

    Fellow Rebelutionary,

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