Journaling: Persevering

One of the hardest parts of journaling is keeping up with your writing. I myself sometimes stop writing for a few days, other times I just can’t stop writing. Here are some tips to ensure habitual writing:

  • You don’t need to write every day; one or twice a week is enough.
  • Keep yourself accountable by writing down important events or discoveries.
  • Experiment with your journal. Write in a different way, from a different angle, in a new handwriting, about different topics… you could even talk about your favorite color socks if they seem that interesting to you xP
  • Switch around entries, for example a prayer one day, a poem another, and yet another a Bible study summary.
  • Don’t burden yourself with a lot of writing. A quick sentence is sufficient if that’s all you can write for the time being.

Journaling is meant to be relaxing, and in some cases, educational. Your journal is yours, and therefore do as you wish to and with it. Try out new things, go wacky or serious. It’s all up to you. =)


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