The Wild Side of Creation

I really love going to the zoo. It’s a great chance to check out the many animals God has created and see how unique each one is. I got some pretty nice pics from my last trip, and would like to share them with you all. I took these pictures at Wild Animal Park in San Diego, California. =D


5 thoughts on “The Wild Side of Creation

  1. Kyle, Cool pictures. I grew up in Ramona, not far from the San Diego Wild Animal Park. I remember when they first started building it and whenever we drove to Escondido we would stop and try to see animals from the roadside overlook they put in. It was fun to watch as it went from just a big hillside to a wonderful park! Thanks for the memories you didn’t even know you were sharing. Peace, Linda

  2. Hey Linda! Glad to help. =) It must have been awesome seeing the park built.

    I, too, love sorting through pictures and saying “Hey! I remember that! It was awesome!”

    Nothing like good memories, eh?

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