Jesus is in my Backpack!

Let’s face it: taking Christ to school isn’t very easy sometimes. Even though I attend a Christian private school, the atmosphere isn’t all that different from public schools. There is still the persecution (at a very water-downed level) and the inappropriate speech. I’ve asked myself more than once a week: How do I take Christ to school with me? How can I maintain a close relationship with Him in the midst of all my homework, basketball, schoolwork, etc.?

Thankfully, I am still able to keep up with my Bible reading every day. It helps somewhat, but soon I lose memory of my time with God and began engaging in actions that displease Him. It saddens me sometimes when I remember that what I’m doing isn’t right, when, of course, I desire to be what God wants me to be.

To counteract all this forgetfulness, I’ve developed my own method of “keeping Jesus in my backpack”. Here are some tips:

  • Get some inspirational school materials. This includes but is not limited to folders, binders, key chains, pencils, notebooks, journals, water bottles, backpacks, book covers… you can buy these at almost any retail store like Target or Wal-Mart… or you can get them at Christian stores.
  • Keep a small notebook nearby. Jot down one thing about God or your faith every period. Or if you did your Bible study in the morning, think about something you learned from it. If applicable, try to live out the verse/command/truth throughout the day.
  • Talk with God. Mutter a small thanks or cry out to Him for help. Remember, you have 24/7 access to your personal bodygaurd and counselor. Make use of the excellent service!

Anyway, these are just a few things to get you started. I’ve found the inspirational materials I use to be of great help in refreshing my connection with the Lord throughout the day. Quiet time with Him in the morning really puts me in a good mood for the rest of the day. You can usually tell if I did my Bible study or not based on my reactions to events throughout the day. x)

Keep the faith!


3 thoughts on “Jesus is in my Backpack!

  1. Hi Kyle…

    Thanks for these great ideas. It is soo soo awesome to hear about people really trying to serve God and not just saying they’re Christian’s but not living like it. You are glorifying God’s name. These are good ideas. I find that just talking to God in the smallest of ways during the day really helps to keep my focused on Him and my mission on earth.


  2. For sure. =) After applying these methods these past two days, I’ve experienced greater joy, optimism, morality, and higher moral standards than I had in a long time… and as a result, felt a whole lot closer to my Best Friend. =D

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