Journaling: Tying it All Up

So… I hope you’ve been keeping up with this series. I scheduled in in a way that if you were faithfully journaling each technique, you will hopefully have now developed a consistent journaling schedule. If not, feel free to go back and redo the series from where you need to start.* ^_^

I always feel a glowing sense of satisfaction whenever I complete yet another journal. As quickly as possible, I prepare my next one and begin writing in it as soon as I can. I absolutely love writing and journaling, and since I’ve been doing this for a little over two years now, I am constantly thinking about what to do after I finish a journal. I’ve come to move directly into my next one, giving a brief  intro of my present life situation, my thoughts, what goals I have, and what I wish to accomplish in the time I complete my new journal. This is sort of like a New Year’s resolutions list and synopsis of what I have just been through in life. I find this extremely helpful in identifying how much I’ve grown since, say, two years ago. I also understand why I wrote a certain entry the way I did. This introduction and end-of-journal life synopsis is extremely useful, and I encourage you to use this once you finish your journal.

Once you finish a journal, keep it in a safe place. You will appreciate these notebooks in the future when you’re older. Life will seem to have passed in a blink of an eye, and you wcan use your writing to revisit the past and relive events in your mind. You can also use your journals as refrences for whatever you neded, especially in spritual growth and ministry.

I hope you enjoyed this series, and I look forward to writing up the next one. But for now, may God bless you as you walk with Him and record His work in your life! ^_^

*If you missed this series, you may work your way through it by clicking here. As the posts are in reverse order, work from the last post up. =)


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