A Perfect Potsherd – Part II

I opened my eyes, and what I saw made me gasp in awe. People dressed in beautiful clothes milled around. I’ve only seen my Potter wearing his plain but practical work clothes. I could not believe there was so much variety in what people wear! Music played loud and clear, with minstrels singing to and musicians playing for their audiences. Gorgeous flowers adorned many of the shops, and animals were almost as plentiful as humans. In other words, colors and exotic aromas were everywhere. I could hardly take in what I was seeing; it was all too much!

It didn’t take long for people to notice me. They were all surprised, as the Potter never or hardly ever set His creations outside the safety of His shop. There were other potters in the city, of course, but everyone knew the Master Potter made the most beautiful creations, and treasured each one more than pearls. But in spite of their confusion, they admired me. They commented on my colors and turned to each other talking away about my stones. Then to my surprise, they began to price me. They asked questions such as “How much do you think he’s worth?” and “Look at those jewels! He must be very expensive.” I was proud of myself. Just minutes after I was set outside, and people are coming from all over the city just to look at me. How I loved the attention!

This carried on for days and weeks, but winter was approaching very quickly. I would soon learn a terrible truth that will change my life forever.


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