Walk the Talk and Talk the Walk Too

NOTE: You may have read my previous article, Walk the Talk and Talk the Walk, a couple of days ago. Well, since then I’ve had a few more thoughts on profanity that I’d like to share with you all.

Riddle me this: where can people socialize, have fun, connect with other people, and read massive quantities of profane words all at the same time? If you guessed Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, or MySpace… you’re absolutely correct!

This past year, I have begun utilizing these social outlets at a greater frequency than ever before. However, it pains me to click on what was a seemingly harmless post or comment, only to be stripped of my innocence by a torrent of filthy words. Really, honestly, watching YouTube videos and giving feedback on them is a normal procedure done by many viewers, but if you scroll down to read the comments, the average video has at least 3-4 of them filled with dirty language.

It’s simply heartbreaking.

I read and wonder: what do these people achieve through their profanity-saturated arguments with one another, with people they’ve never met and most likely never will? I read as they tear each other apart in a battle of words, each trying to harrow the other down. And this doesn’t only go for YouTube… I’ve seen such arguments on Facebook and, in some cases, blogs. If a swearing user is not attacking someone directly, you can find them using their language to rant about someone they hate or is currently on their “cuss them out on a public forum because they hurt or offended me somehow” list.

Even if an argument is not underway, I find people who use profanity so casually, it’s all over everything they write – the most common being the infamous four-lettered cuss words. I’ve had people post these words all over my Facebook wall and in comments on pictures and posts. It not only shows their lack of character in using such language, it is also on display for everyone who views my profile. Therefore I’ve taken to clearing my profile of such language whenever it appears. I can’t help it if they want to write profane language all over the place, but I can control what is posted on my wall, my blog, Twitter, et cetera, and I am solely responsible in maintaining a God-honoring image no matter where I go, what I say, and what I do.

This said, I urge you, the reader, to take measures of your own in clearing up profanity. It may be as simple as deleting profane comments, or as hard as facing your friend about their foul language. The choice is up to you, but as Christians, we should do what we can to maintain a godly environment wherever we are, so as to not be polluted by the evils of this world.



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