A Perfect Potsherd – Part I

My story takes place several years ago. I am not proud of the events that occured, but all I say is for the glory of my Maker.

I was created beautifully and perfectly a while back. I was made a very special vase, with a smooth brownish-tan shade as my base. Swirling patterns of many different colors encircled me from the neck down. I had precious stones inlaid in my neck, and whenever light was shed on them, they gave off a glow in their respective colors. I was a beautiful creation, and my Potter was proud of me.

I myself was aware of my beauty. So in a few days, I considered myself too good for my shelf. I was too good for holding the simple flowers placed in me. I was too good to be around the other pottery. So I told my Potter the words He dreaded the most: “I want to leave.”

Silence enveloped the room, leaving my words to hang in the air like a foul odor. And foul it was indeed. The Potter sighed and removed His glasses. He rubbed his eyes before He spoke. “Are you sure about this? You know that this is the only place where you will truly be safe. There are people out there who will hurt you, and you may never make it back. Leaving this building means leaving your only source of protection.”

I was foolish to ignore what He said. My sense of self-righteousness blinded me to the truth. “I’m sure.” I replied rather impudently.

The Master Potter sighed again. “Very well, then.” He picked me up and took me outside. I closed my eyes as He placed me on the porch, making sure I was alone before I see what the world was like. I Heard the Potter say something to me quietly before He closed the door.

“I love you, my son. I love you.”


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