Soulprint – Mark Batterson

Every person has a destiny. A reason why they are on the earth.  A mission they need to accomplish. According to Mark Batterson, that destiny is called your Soulprint.

In Soulprint, Batterson argues that everyone has a unique destiny, one as unique as their fingerprints. This destiny can only be fulfilled by you, and that’s why the events in your lives have shaped you into the person you are. Only one person can fulfill that particular destiny, and that person needs to have all the right characteristics needed by that mission. Batterson leads you through a road of discovery to find out what your own unique destiny is, and how to fulfill it for the Lord. It is powerfully written, with excellent examples that will encourage you to keep going. He also offers some comforting words about difficult times in your lives, and explains why they are there. Overall, this book encouraged me to start now and began to prepare for the destiny God has set before me.

This book was not in print when I first requested a review copy. It’s barely a month old now. However, when I received it I had already read several positive reviews. And I will add to that list, for this book is an excellent resource that every Christian should read, especially those in their teens. What better time than now to find out God’s plan for your life? And what better time than now to begin preparing to fulfill your destiny?

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