Nelson’s Biblical Cyclopedic Index

Whenever I write about a specific subject for an article, it gets difficult sometimes to look up a multitude of verses on that topic. Google, BibleGateway, all the resources available… a topical index for the Bible would really simplify my writing career.

I was elated when I first requested a review copy of Nelson’s Biblical Cyclopedic Index. Now whenever I need to write about almost any topic, I can find a large quantity of verses in one book. No websurfing, looking for trustworthy, thorough sites… just one book readily available on my shelf. The Cyclopedic Index covers a large variety of people, places, things, topics, events, and concepts, providing everything you need to pull together any sermon, article, or Bible study with ease. It is definitely the Bible study tool one needs.

This guide will help me for years to come. It is compatible with any translation, and acts as a topical Bible, a concordance, and a Bible dictionary all in one. I can easily access the information I want and jump to the verse in my Bible. It won’t be left to collect dust anytime soon. =)

Please click on the image to buy this book from Christian Book Distributors.


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