Confident in Him

I’ll admit it: even within the body of Christ, the attractive and confident brothers and sisters often catch my eye. They seem to have it all together: great education or job, the looks, the good taste… Their confidence is so firm, I usually fall into the trap of thinking that their confidence comes from their looks and works. However, as time progressed, I realized that their confidence comes from their joy, from their faith. These brothers and sisters are strong warriors of the Lord. They have so much joy in finding their identity as sons and daughters of God, their confidence is overwhelming.

God has also shown me more on this mentality. People may compliment others’ looks and/or their works, but how far does that compliment go? One person thinks you’re ugly, and another thinks very highly of you. One person looks down on your grades while another practically worships your intelligence. But with God, His view is always the same. He sees an unbeliever as a wandering sheep He longs to rescue. He sees a believer as His precious child. No matter what you do, He will always love you. He is pleased with you. He loved you even before you came into existence, so what you do will not make Him love you any more than He already does.  Knowing that your identity lies only in Christ and what He has done for you is such a powerful thing. I’ve seen lives changed because of this realization of Sonship. I’ve heard stories about change. I see people living this knowledge out every day. If you find your identity in Christ and Him alone, your life will change dramatically. I’m only a little while into this part of my journey with God, but I’m coming to understand the impact it has on my life. And I can tell you one thing: comprehending this fact is the best knowledge I have ever obtained, second only to knowing the Savior who died for me.


3 thoughts on “Confident in Him

  1. Right on, man!! I love what you say about finding our identity in Christ; I know that for me, when I came to that realization, my life started falling into place, if you will. No, my life is not perfect; but I do have perfect peace because of Him. Keep the faith!

  2. I’m really, really happy this post has blessed you guys somehow. When I heard several messages about one’s identity in Christ, it profoundly shaped my own perspective. I just had to share it with other people. =)


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