In the Throne Room of God

Imagine being inside a giant palace of gold that is filled with the most exotic and ornate decorations. You enter through a huge pair of doors onto a long, velvet-colored carpet. As your eyes follow its length, you look up at an elegant throne. On it sits the Creator and Ruler of all, Jesus.

All around you people are singing praises to Him, on their knees and humbling themselves before the Throne of Grace. This is home. It is where believers gather in the presence of their God to be close to Him every day. There are no shadows, no representations or things associated with evil whatsoever. The light that radiates from Jesus reveals everything about everyone. But no one cares. They’re there to worship their King, and that task alone.

This is where Christians are to live each day: in the light of the King. Nothing hinders them or holds them back from worshiping their Creator. But what do we do? We live shrouded in darkness and concealment, where the things we do are cleverly hidden from everyone except the Lord.

Being in God’s presence means to be fully right with Him… to be free of anything that will hinder us from talking with our Lord. How would your life be different if you knew that you were always before God, all of you laid out in front of Him for assessment? The truth is, that’s reality. You are always under God’s watchful eyes, and He knows everything you say, do, and think. He is grieved by your sins, but rejoices at your faith.

How will you…

…please your Maker as He looks on in love?

…strive to live in holiness and transparency?

…practice the presence of God?

Think about these questions, and determine how you will live your life differently as you aim to be in God’s presence every day. =)


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