The Power of Names

Names hold a lot of power in our lives. I’m sure you’ve seen people with names that for some reason match their personalities. These are pretty obvious, like Sophia (wisdom), Charity (love), and Joyce (joy). Others may not be so easy to identify, but nevertheless, our names hold a certain degree of power over our lives. Why do you think so many people look and look for the right name for their baby? =D

What does your name mean? There are several ways to look up one’s name, the most common being to Google it. Sometimes you can grab hold of a name book and look up your name there. If you want to know the Christian meaning of your name, you can find a Christian name book. These are pretty accurate because many olden names were derived from religious philosophies.

My name, for example, literally means “narrow strait / narrow body of water”. Its spiritual meaning is “integrity”. This is pretty strange because most of the time, I can’t stand evil. And no matter what goes on in my life, I strangely keep my morals no matter how far I wander away from God. I’m always striving to be a man of integrity, and purity is one of the topics I talk about the most. Coincidence? I think not!

Look in the Bible, and you’ll see instances where a person’s name reveals some part of their character. For example, “Adam” means “man”. “Jesus” and “Joshua” means “Salvation” or “the Lord saves”. “Samuel” means “God heard”. As you can see, the names of these Biblical figures had a strong effect on their lives. Even today, peoples’ names control their lives to some extent.

As you learn about the definition of your name and strive to live up to it, you can be sure that pretty soon you will come to understand the effect it has on your life.

Happy name hunting! =)


6 thoughts on “The Power of Names

  1. mine means faithful (or bound…but i think bondage isn’t exactly the idea here…)

    and i know my parents picked my name because the biblical character was supposed to be beautiful….i’m not sure if all that rubbed off though =P

  2. My first name is Spanish for “pretty” and my middle name is Old English for “meadow” or “pasture.” Not sure what that really says about me.

    As for Biblical names, the season of Christmas always reminds me of my favorite name for Jesus, which is Immanuel meaning “God with us.” Where would we be without God with us? Peace, Linda

  3. “Pretty meadow”, eh? =) A place for people to be at peace and frolic joyously all over the grass. x)… I don’t know, but that’s my interpretation. =D

    Immanuel: awesome example of how the many names of God reveal different aspects of His character. =)

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