The Old Lifestyle – Part III

Oki stared at the pieces in silence. The truth slowly seeped into her mind, and nothing but the sudden realization occupied her thoughts. She did not hear Zebu yelling for her to go away, and his efforts to remove her from the scene were in vain.

Finally, she turned around. Tears ran in streams down her face. In an agonized voice she cried, “You! It was you! Why? Why? Why would you do this? You—“

“Oki— I— listen—” tried to cut in.

“No! YOU listen to ME. Why did you do this? You promised at our wedding that you will stop your old lifestyle. You took an oath, an OATH! It was a covenant, and covenants are not to be broken! Why? These are my friends, my sisters! Have you no respect for females at all? You say that you love me, but you go off and consume my friends as mere prey! Why, tell me why?”

Oki broke down and began to sob like a newborn piranha once more. She mourned the death of her friends, the lost of her sisters, and the breaking of her husband’s promise. Everything as she knew it was gone. Everything had fallen apart.

It was a long time before their relationship healed.



4 thoughts on “The Old Lifestyle – Part III

  1. Yep. I saw that coming. You were talking about being faithful to your spouse, I’m guessing? It was really good. Ended abruptly and depressing, but hey, at least they healed. Unfaithfulness is really hard to deal with for everyone. Good job nailing that allegory so well…(is that the right word?)

  2. You got it (both the moral and the word)!

    Yeah, it’s a really hard topic, but despite how depressing the story might be, it’s the truth. I’m sure there are even worse cases than the one I’ve described, and none of them do anything to help anyone. =(

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