Then Sings My Soul – Robert J. Morgan

Christmas is coming, and with this joyful season comes joyful caroling. It is a time when old hymns are sung probably more frequently than other seasons and months. But what makes these songs so popular? How did they come about? Not many know the history behind traditional hymns such as “O Come, All Ye Faithful”, “Silent Night”, and “Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee”, but thanks to Then Sings My Soul, a collection of 150 beloved hymns and their histories, you can!

When I first ordered my copy of Then Sings My Soul, I was expecting a small, compact gift book. Imagine my surprise when a rather large package appeared in my mailbox. Upon opening the package, I found that the book has each song with its sheet music on one page, and the song’s story on the next. Therefore the book had to be quite large in order to accommodate the 150 songs. Believe me, the more of this book you read, the more you will wish for it to be longer. x)

I found this book really inspirational. I knew there was some sort of significance behind these hymns, but there were some stories I’d never even heard about. Some are sad, some are happy, but each made me want to praise the Lord for what He has done. Without His work in the lives of these songwriters, we would not have the hymns we sing today. And without His revealing of His Word to the writers, they would not have the powerful lyrics that compel us to bend in adoration to our Creator and Savior even to this day. The best way to praise the Lord is to sing His Word back to Him, and many of the songs do just that.

Learn more about these songs by ordering a copy of Then Sings My Soul today! It also makes a great gift for your worship leader or choir members… and just about anyone who appreciates music and its history. =)

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