Triple Threat: Pens, Journals, Spiritual Growth

One week ago, I celebrated my 18th birthday. My friend Josh gave me a late present, and when I opened it, I was speechless. In the box were three ballpoint pens with my name, my blog name, and 1 Timothy 4:12 inscribed on the shaft. He told me that I had blessed him with my writing, and that he wanted to give me something that showed his appreciation and encourage me to keep writing for the Lord. I will most certainly do that, devising journal entries and writing posts with these beauties! πŸ™‚

If you’ve read my “About Kyle” page or perused my “Journaling for Spiritual Growth” series, you would know that I love to journal, and that I’ve been journaling since I was 14 — for 4 years. Recently, however, I noticed that I’m writing less, and am considering switching from my composition notebooks to these beautiful journals from Piccadilly.

I ordered 10 of them online from Barnes & Noble, since they were only $3.99 apiece (disregard the price stickers in the picture; that’s the price at which they sell the journals in the actual bookstores). You can read the description and get them here. They are what B&N calls a “bargain item”, so I don’t know how long they will sell at that price.

I probably won’t use these journals for another year or so, but I can’t wait! Tools to help me grow spiritually and create memories. Writing simply is the best thing in the world. πŸ™‚


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