Are You a Good Spiritual Spotter?

A friend of mine just posted this thought-provoking article.

Bread of Life

Recently, I started lifting weights with my friend. When my friend said that he will help me bench press with 45 pound plates on each side, I got excited! Today, I can confidently say, bench pressing with 45s on each side will probably be just a dream. I can barely do 25s on each side.

Anyways, my strong friend can do at least 35-45 on each side. As much as I want him to become stronger through bench pressing, I sometimes wished he’d just stick with the 20s. I feared that I would be unable to help him rack 125 pounds because after I was done with my set my arms were usually dead. The spotter’s job is to help the person bench pressing lift the weights when he/she can’t to finish the set and to safely rack the weights.

The same principle of spotting can be applied to faith…

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