Just Checking Up on You

We all experience periods of spiritual depression, and I’m sure many would agree that during those times, we wish someone would ask us how we’re doing. We don’t feel like talking to anyone, maybe because we feel unworthy, that we will be wasting people’s time, that we already know how to get out of the depression, we just don’t want to do it, et cetera. The point is that we could use some encouragement and accountability, and we want other believers to take the initiative.

Trouble is, it’s kinda easy to hide the fact that you’re spiritually depressed. I, for one, am a person who is constantly smiling and making jokes. Just looking at me a person can legitimately infer that I’m doing pretty well, and it has happened.

During those times, though, I’ve had time to think. How can I expect people to check up on me… When I don’t even do it myself? Am I really that selfish? I know how easy it is to hide spiritual depression, and how desperately I wish someone would talk to me about it. Why can’t I do the same for others? Won’t checking up on people set an example for them to follow, and perhaps they can then talk to me when I’m depressed? It’s a win-win situation!

So I’ve taken it upon myself to check up on my brothers and sisters. I’ve only started, but I hope to make it more routine. The thought of being an encouragement to them and bringing the light of God into their lives excites me. We can all grow together!

It is in faith that I check up on them, by God’s grace that they grow even in their depression, and in love that we encourage each other.


3 thoughts on “Just Checking Up on You

  1. what a fantastic idea Kyle! nothing keeps the flame fuel like giving it to others! I pray that the Holy Spirit will ignite you with great passion and love for your brothers and sisters and your ministry will be born!

  2. Since I’m out and about with no bible ill give scriptures the best I can proverbs 17:17 hope it helps a bit. Find someone you can be open with and cares even someone old is better all my friends in my congregation are above 40 they are wiser and spiritualy strong. God will send you someone just don’t reject them when he does. What we need is not always what we want.

  3. So… how are you doing Kyle? :]

    It really is necessary for us to constantly be checking up on how our brothers and sisters are doing to run this race together! Great post Kyle!

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