Collage Bookmarks

I make my own collage bookmarks, and often people will ask me how I make them. Therefore, I am making a guide to show you, and them, how. 🙂 I usually make my bookmarks with some sort of verse, picture, or any inspiring piece so that I am reminded of it while reading a book.

#1 Gather supplies

You will need: Scissors, clear packaging tape, and an assortment of different magazines, newspapers, letters, etc.

#2 Cut out the letters/ pictures

#3 Cut and lay out a strip of clear packaging tape twice the desired length of the bookmark.

#4 Lay out the cutouts in desired order, or if you want scatter them randomly across the tape.

Make sure everything lays flat though. Fold one end slowly on top of the other, creasing as you fold to prevent air pockets.

#5 Trim edges.

I recommend using a paper cutter to cut straight edges, then using scissors to curve out the tips. Feel free to cut in designs though. ^_^

There you have it! Your own collage bookmark! Read away. 😛

**DISCLAIMER** Yes, I know the one made in the pictures isn’t very good. x) I kinda made it faster than I usually do. Make sure yours looks better than mine!


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