On Our Knees in Prayer

Last night, I had the opportunity to go to my youth group’s weekly prayer meeting for the first time in a while… Perhaps my second time ever. My church is too far for me to make the trip on Tuesday evenings, so I’ve always wondered what they do during the meeting. Nothing, however, could have prepared me for the touching and powerful night.

We began with a short time of singing praises to God, followed by prayers of praise. We were then given a prayer list that detailed our church’s needs in ministry, as well as prayer requests that brothers and sisters have sent in. Then, on our knees, we began to plead with God on their behalf, asking that through answering their prayers, His power and grace may shine forth.

The experience revealed to me the many needs for prayer that our church has. I’ve belittled the need for prayer, and the list was a wake-up slap — my group didn’t even have enough time to pray for everything on it! Contrasting the number of items on the list was the number of people present. Only 9. I’m told, however, that even fewer than 9 people regularly attend the prayer meetings. So few gather to pray for so many needs.

It only serves to underscore how much and how often that, as a church, we need to be on our knees. Humbly coming before the throne to acknowledge that we can do nothing, and that everything is impossible, without God.

I’ve heard before that a church is as effective as much as it prays. If that is true, then there must be marvelous rewards and powerful ministry in store for the church — not just a couple of members — that is constantly on its knees.


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