All I Have… Left?

I’m sure we all have those moments when we step back to look at our lives and wonder what we are doing with ourselves. We have the same, or similar, routines every day, every week, every month, and the cycle repeats itself. Then we also have our trials and struggles. Out of all this, we believers have the privilege to say, “I have Jesus. Without Him, life is meaningless. I have hope for the future, and life after death, because this world isn’t all there is.”

One dangerous mentality I often develop, however, is one where Jesus is placed as my last hope. My last resort. It’s like when I have nothing left to lose, I say that hey, “at least I have Jesus.”

There’s a fine line between the two mentalities. Jesus should be my only hope, not my second or third and definitely not last. I should be constantly relying on Him no matter my circumstances, good or bad. I should not be living my life enjoying all the world has to offer, then when it all ends, say that oh. I lived well. I partied hard. Now, I get to spend eternity with Jesus! Life, and eternal life, is good.

Even typing the last few sentences, I feel a sense of incredulity of why I would even subconsciously think that. It’s really, really dumb.

To put this into application, I should always keep in mind that all that really matters is my new life in Christ. My hope is in Him and is eternal. It is neither temporary nor short lived, and definitely not what I fall back on. He is not all I have left. Instead, Christ is the only One I fall back on every time I stumble, every time something in my life attacks my faith, or when I seemingly have no hope. Jesus Christ my Lord is my only hope.


What Do You Think?

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