Desiring the Word

One question that weighed heavily on my heart tonight was why so many Christians emphasize digging into God’s Word. Why should we crave the Word? What does it even mean to crave it? Why should we read the Bible every day and hide it in our hearts? As I pondered the questions, God brought to my mind several thoughts.

We desire the Word of God because it draws us closer to His heart.

When we hear the Word of God, it inspires and rejuvenates us, sparking life within us and opening our eyes, heart, and mind to receive a refreshing drink of God’s Spirit.

When we read the Word of God, we become allured by God’s thoughts: what He desires, His joys, and what saddens Him.

When we memorize the Word of God, it becomes ingrained in the constitution of our mind and being; imprinted upon our spirit. It transforms our mind to be synoptical with that of the Lord’s; it convicts us of evil, inspires us to love, and equips us with the courageous faith God grants those who relentlessly seek after Him.

The irresistible longing for God that drives us from the inside out to seek His face and know His thoughts comes from His grace.

So take freely of it, receive it, process it, and dispense it.


5 thoughts on “Desiring the Word

  1. I don’t get to read the bible every day
    But I make sure that my heart is being supervised, thanks for post!

  2. Before the printing press was invented, there were only a few Bibles for every so many people. I probably have more than 5 Bibles now myself. Let’s take advantage of this privilege to read as much as we can!

    Hope you are doing well studying for finals!

  3. The Word takes us into the heart of God so we can know what delights and antagonises him. We can’t see him face to face, and the Word is IT. If you knew a person and wanted and intimate relationship with them (but couldn’t see them), how would you encounter them? Only by talking to them on the phone or reading letters or postcards from them 😀

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