Transformed Into His Likeness

The end of my junior year in high school is rapidly approaching. During my search for potential colleges, I came across Biola University’s application form. The personal statement prompt is as follows:

At Biola University our common foundation is our faith in Christ and becoming transformed into His likeness. In light of this fact, please describe: a) the circumstances surrounding your decision to become a follower of Jesus Christ, using various Bible passages as the framework for your salvation and eternal life in Christ, and b) using specific examples, describe your process of spiritual growth over the past three years.

This prompt is probably one of the most difficult I’ve seen. It forces me to reflect back on my years as a believer, and determine where I have grown since being saved. Though slightly intimidating, I believe that working on this prompt (provided it isn’t changed with the next year’s application), will prove beneficial in mapping my spiritual growth.

A few thoughts that I’ve had concerning this process:

  1. I am reminded of the situation I was in before and after I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior. It humbles me to remember that without the grace of God, I would never have experienced the relationship with Him that I have now.
  2. I am encouraged to reflect on how I’ve grown spiritually in the past few years. As a believer, my salvation should spark some fruit in my life that are evidence of my transformed life in Christ. It also makes me ask myself: If I’m not growing, why? How can I seek out areas to mature in, and actually address them?
  3. It forces me to look to the future, in that I am constantly striving to produce fruit through prayer, intercession, devotions, Bible studies, and/or any other methods of drawing closer to the heart of God, with the grace of God.

Only with God’s strength can I produce any evidence of His work in my life, but I also have a responsibility of my own to constantly submit to His will, so that I may live a transformed life.


7 thoughts on “Transformed Into His Likeness

  1. Hey, thanks for following my blog.

    So you’re looking at coming to Biola in a few years? Congratulations! I have loved my experience here at Biola. I’ve been able to help students in orientation and prospective students, so if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

    I’m glad the application process has helped you reflect. I love how you’re looking back at your salvation, looking at your current growth with God, and you’re future fruits and how to produce them. That’s really wise.

    I love this quote, “If I’m not growing, why? How can I seek out areas to mature in, and actually address them?” Being aware of our current situation is key. Continue to ask the Holy Spirit to show you where you need to grow and help you grow in all ways.

    I hope to see you here in a few years! Good luck!

    • Hello! I was excited to find your blog; I am definitely considering Biola as one of my top choices, and your site may provide valuable information as I continue my college research

      Thanks for the luck and encouragement, and maybe I’ll actually meet you on campus one day! 🙂

  2. Azusa Pacific University is waaaaaaaaaaaay better! HA! Had to say that, as I am an alumni from there… and the Biola/APU rivalry is legendary.

  3. And sadly the Biola/APU rivalry is over. APU is leaving the league, but Biola beat them in our final basketball game.

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