Enthralled by God

I’ve been wondering… What exactly does it feel like to be completely enthralled by God, to feel so loved by Him that we are able to surrender ourselves to nothing else but Him alone?

The word “love” is so broad. It can conjure up a number of possible meanings. It appears, however, that there is a deep aching within every person to be loved, to be desired, to be comforted. I read a recent blog post from a friend of mine, which you can read here:

Reading the post, I began to brainstorm how many and what kinds of people might be looking for love in the world. Why they feel lonely and unloved. Especially the special interest group discussed in the post. What they’re really looking for is a way to “fill the expanse less void in their souls”. If you are familiar with this quote, it continues “[a void] only God can fill.”

I’m still trying to understand how the love relationship between God and us works, how he expresses His love, how we feel it, etc. I’ve been exposed to several beautiful love songs written to God, and that helps me understand our side of the relationship. (ex: Absolutely by Starfield)

What does the love between God and us look like? I’m sure that the world has twisted my idea of love and relationships, so that I can’t understand the spiritual and the most important kind properly.

This will be an interesting topic for me to research and pray about in the next few weeks.

What Do You Think?

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