The Power of Christian Blogs

I’ve had the awesome opportunity to read some peoples’ blogs and posts, and have been greatly encouraged by what they wrote.

One hard thing about blogging is that to be truly effective in delivering whatever you learned from God to your audience, you must be sensitive to who your audience is. You must be wary of how you convey who you are. If I have trouble with  certain area of my life, say profanity, I should acknowledge that fact whilst condemning it in whatever article I wrote.
This is really important, because it makes the blogger seem more real and trustworthy. It shows the reader that someone out there struggles with the same things they do, and gives some credibility to the blogger’s words. The reader knows that they’re not alone. Books and conferences do this just fine as well, but they are usually all trained professionals that have overcome (with God’s help) the sins which they try to help other people get out of. Bloggers… are more “normal” people. They could be that kid down the street, the grocery man, the old lady you met on the plane. The only difference is that they’ve taken to sharing their lives online with other people.
Christian blogs touch me like no books can. I visualize the writer, still broken with his struggles and his quest to be right with God, and I know that what he says is out of pure desire to know God more every step of the way. Somehow that just clicks in my mind better than listening to a trained pastor/writer/theologian.
And one of the great things about knowing these people is that since I blog as well, I can relate to them on a certain level. I can comment on their posts, share similar ideas, encourage them, contact them, etc. It’s actually a virtual Christian community where the Christian writers can gather and spur each other on.
This is why I strongly endorse blogging, as do many of my blogging friends. It holds you accountable to some level to regularly study God’s word and pursue a daily walk with Him. And it works =D

9 thoughts on “The Power of Christian Blogs

  1. I’m with ya on this one! It is so encouraging to read other teens/young people’s blogs and just know that you are not alone. It’s also a lot of fun getting to know other people through writing, we say so much more when we write. Hope you’re having a great summer so far!


    • Hey RuthAnne! Yes, it’s even more amazing when it’s young people blogging. I get so excited because I know I’m not the only one my age thinking about different topics. =)

      I hope you’re enjoying your vacation too. Thanks for stopping by =D

  2. Man, speaking of being encouraged, I’ve been neglecting coming to your blog to be encouraged. I haven’t kept up with blogs very faithfully. It’s good to be back here though. 🙂 Good post.

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