Clothes Do NOT Make the Man

Recently I was at a market, shopping for anything that caught my eye. I found myself drawn to a lot of clothing styles I’ve always admired but never worn. After an hour or two, I walked out of the stores with new clothes and an elated spirit.

Only to have my spirit crushed  when I found out just what I’ve done.

*      *      *

Clothing and fashion trends are admittedly pointless. If you think about it, trends are people trying to look the same way by wearing the same style. Although there might be minor diversities, there is a reoccurring theme in most peoples’ attire (i.e. Converse/Vans shoes) . But the point is: who really cares? Who really thinks twice about what you’ve worn that particular day at school? Who even remembers how new your shoes or jacket are after a week or two? Sure, you might look nice, but catching peoples’ attention with that certain article of clothing will only last a couple of days at most before they ignore the fact that it’s new.

Therefore, why bother with clothing trends so much? The classic polo + jeans look for guys is enough (I’m not sure for girls) for almost any occasion. Looking good brings assurance only to your ego; it does nothing for real confidence. I’s like finding confidence in what you wear instead of something Greater. Something more Important. Something more Fulfilling.

Something like God.

Okay, I know, you aren’t obsessed over clothes like that poor girl down the street. But it has come to my understanding that some people spend quite a bit on clothing. And they are sadly drawn into finding comfort in the fact that they are dressed well and people are complimenting them. I find that pretty sad… mainly because I’ve done it myself a few times.

One strange thing that happens is that whenever I dress a bit better for church activities (and no, I don’t mean nicer as in more formal and stuff. Nicer as in more popular street clothing), I feel a whole lot more self-conscious than I would if I just threw on some basic clothes. It’s harder for me to carry on conversations, it’s harder for me to worship, and much harder for me to keep my clothes clean if we’re doing some more strenuous activities.

The reason? Because I’m thinking about what I look like. I’m ignoring the fact that God made me as I am. My clothes don’t define me. I could be wearing dirty rags and He’ll still see me the same way. And really, His point of view is much more valuable than anyone else’s.

I resolve to take the time I would normally send thinking about how I look to focus more on developing who I am inside. True beauty is found on the inside, for beauty is only skin deep — I’m sure many of you have hear. So if people know me as a godly young man bent on serving God and carrying out His well, who cares about the way I dress?

I’m not saying people should take all their clothes, toss them in a box, and dump them all in the local Goodwill donation center, but I am saying that we should assess our priorities on what really matters, the outside or the inside. I know this is a bigger struggle for girls, but hey, guys have problems with it too. But we can all find comfort in the fact that character trumps trends, and that in the Body of Christ, how much you love and serve God is what really accounts for who you are.


What Do You Think?

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