Think About Such Things

What are the things that bring you joy? That makes your heart dance? That fills you with excitement?

Perhaps it’s that video game, that high-tech gadget, being with friends, being at parties, no homework… No matter the source of our joy, we all have something that makes us happy.  But which of them really lasts? Do they make you happy temporarily, or do they give you true happiness that lasts a lifetime?

For many Christians, our source of joy comes from our Lord. His faithfulness, His presence, His promises, His words – these all last for years, as opposed to the short-lived pleasures of the world. Therefore, why aren’t we continually going back to God every day to rest in His promises? Why do we wander away from Him, trying to fill a need only He can satisfy? These questions are ones we should keep asking ourselves as often as possible. We know He satisfies; we’ve felt the satisfaction while reading His word or being lost in worship. That sacred place our mind locks into whenever we enter the presence of God, that place where all finally seems right in the world. That place… where we encounter God and truly be filled.

In order to constantly feel God’s presence, we need to meditate on things above. This, of course, includes God’s Word, but also on other things such as peoples’ testimonies, Christian books, and talking with God Himself. Not surprisingly, all of the previously mentioned are an outgrowth of God’s Word. So ultimately, meditation on the things of God means to meditate on His Word. Constant rest in His promises will not only satisfy us, it will profoundly shape our perspective on life and our attitudes every day. Personally, I find that if I spend time every morning in the Word or some kind of devotional, I am noticeably more joyful and positive the rest of the day. No matter how much homework is assigned (well, maybe if I have 10 projects are due the next day, but I’m sure none of my teachers is THAT evil…) or the number of insults hurled at me, they slide off like water and have little or no effect on my perspective.

If you haven’t already, I would strongly encourage you to begin a daily Bible study or devotional. I recommend doing it in the morning, because it will have more effect on your life the rest of the day. Also, read good Christian books regularly. They will strengthen your faith by opening more of the Word or by describing God’s sovereign hand in other Christians’ lives. Most important, however, MEMORIZE God’s Word and hide it in your heart, meditating on it throughout the day. By thinking about such things, you become more heavenly minded and find true satisfaction in God alone.

This is a lesson I am still learning myself, but by the grace of God I have seen results of practicing these truths, enabling me to confirm that God alone does satisfy and fill our deepest and innermost needs.


What Do You Think?

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